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We are a group of passionate martial artists and filmmakers. Our goal is to provide a wide approach to action design, utilizing our diverse knowledge and skills to create innovative, safe, and unique action scenes.

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Can Aydin

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Growing up in Berlin, Germany, Can discovered his love of film at an early age. Films like Rocky and Enter the Dragon left a lasting impression on him and he began training in various martial arts. 

After three and a half years of acting in theater, Can has been in several productions as an actor and action choreographer. This year he gets the lead role in the movie "Kahraman - Hero", and he can also be seen in "In Berlin", "Begegnung - Encounter" and "Urban Fighter". He has also worked with the Jackie Chan stunt team on Around The World In 80 Days.

Cha-Lee Yoon

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Cha-Lee was born and raised in Germany, and is of Korean ancestry. Since childhood, he loved action movies and creating fight scenes.

Cha-Lee is trained in Taekwondo since he was 3 years old and experienced in various Martial Arts. Cha-Lee’s passion for fight scenes and action design led him to meet like-minded people in Berlin, and he eventually became a professional stuntman, working on Hollywood blockbusters like Cloud Atlas and Skyfall.

Mike Moeller

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Mike is one of the most experienced stuntmen in Germany. He has been a fan of action and martial arts films since he was a little child. He is a Taekwondo black belt and has trained in gymnastics for many years. 

Mike, like the rest of the team, is always trying to improve his stunts, falls and choreography and find out different ways of integrating them into the fighting scenes.

In the year 2000 he got the chance to work with Donnie Yen on the German TV series 'THE PUMA'. 

Another very important moment in his career was when he was nominated for the World Stunt Award Taurus in 2003 for their work on the movie "Half Past Dead".
Mike continues to impress with his incredible stunt work and talent behind the camera.

Phong Giang

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Phong was born in Germany, and is of Chinese and Vietnamese ancestry.

He began training in acrobatics when he was 8 years old. From that point on, he became a fan of action movies. After years of experience on various shows and live performances, Phong became a professional stuntman and is now a founding member of Reel Deal Action. Phong is a natural athlete and his talents can be seen in various projects.

Tanay Genco Ulgen

Tanay is a Turkish-Canadian director and fight choreographer. Based in Vancouver, he frequently travels around the world for various projects. His latest feature credit is 'Best Of Luck', a Bollywood picture starring Jazzy B and Gippy Grewal. Tanay was the stunt coordinator and fight choreographer for the film, and personally trained Jazzy B for his action scenes.

A fan of filmmakers like Michael Mann and Paul Thomas Anderson, Tanay's focus is on integrating solid dramatic atmospheres with exciting action sequences. He has a Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Film and Video Production, and was the recipient of the 'Best Action Sequence' award at the 2011 Action On Film Festival in Los Angeles. Having lived in Japan and Hong Kong, he also has formal training in Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Kickboxing and Wing Chun.