Marvel´s Thunderbolts

Right now, the team is on board of this Marvel masterpiece. Can Aydin is at it... » read more

Bird Box Barcelona

Can Aydin has been the 2nd Unit Director of this show which is coming up soon... » read more

Violent Night

Reel Deal Action Team has fight coordinated this christmas action gem and it´s... » read more

John Wick 4

Cha-Lee Yoon was privileged to double Donnie Yen in the upcoming fourth... » read more

Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi

Check out Obi Wan Kenobi exclusively on Disney+. We don´t wanna disappoint the... » read more

Matrix 4

Just finished on Matrix 4 in 2020! We can´t wait to see the finished movie this... » read more


Can Aydin 2nd Unit directed this one and the team created the action. Cha-Lee... » read more

Without Remorse

Right now the whole team is in the stunt department of Tom Clancy´s "Without... » read more

Birds of Prey

Watch out for next year´s "Birds of Prey" featuring Margot Robbie and Can Aydin... » read more

John Wick 3

Can Aydin had the great opportunity to be in our mentor´s franchise "John Wick... » read more

Hobbs & Shaw

Phong, Cha-Lee and Can Aydin have worked on the "Fast and Furious"-Spin-Off "... » read more

6 Underground

Phong and Cha-Lee have worked on the biggest Netflix show up to date directed... » read more

Red Sparrow Trailer

Can Aydin was the Fight Coordinator on this movie alongside Jennifer Lawrence.... » read more


Reel Deal is action directing and taking care of all the actionscenes on this... » read more

"Wolf Warrior 2" a Wu Jing Film

Teammember Can Aydin was currently shooting in China for "Wolf Warrior 2" with... » read more

"Chasing The Dragon" a Donnie Yen movie

Our member Cha-Lee is right now touring in Hongkong and China with Donnie Yen... » read more

"On The Ropes" Reel Deal´s 2nd movie is wrapped!!

We shot our second feature film in Canada and it was a great experience in a... » read more

XxX 3: The Return of Xander Cage

Cha-Lee Yoon was working on the latest Vin Diesel project XxX 3 in Toronto.... » read more

Kung Fu Yoga

Can Aydin is currently working on the latest Jackie Chan project called "Kung... » read more

Marco Polo on NETFLIX

We are travelling to Hungary and Malaysia for the big Netflixshow "Marco Polo"... » read more

Reshoots for Hitman: Agent 47 are done!

We successfully accomplished the movie with the top guys from 87eleven. Was... » read more

Bad Choice is out now!!

Check out our latest shortfilm with Sam Hargrave and Renae Moneymaker in it ;)... » read more

German Martial Arts Feature Film

We finished shooting our very own feature film in Berlin / Germany. It was a... » read more

Point Break

Right now after "Hunger Games" we are already working on the remake of the 90´s... » read more

Hunger Games Mockingjay

We just wrapped on Hunger Games: Mockingjay.. We met a lot of great and... » read more


Right now we are working on that Hollywoodproject called "Agent47 - Hitman".... » read more

"Evil Twin" Premiere @ Sonycenter Berlin

The premiere was a great success! Thanks to everyone for the support. Big... » read more

Evil Twin Teaser 2

This is the 2nd teaser of our actionshort EVIL TWIN.. check this out!! https://... » read more

Showreel 2013

Finally our showreel 2013 is done... and we are proud to present you visually... » read more

Reel Deal in Cannes 2013

We visited Cannes and made some important contacts.. Let´s hope something good... » read more

Intikam - Revenge

Here you can see team member Tanay Genco Ulgen choreographing an action scene... » read more

Reel Deal Action´s "ONE"

Our motivation video "ONE" is out now! Hope y´all have a nice Christmas with... » read more


We are guiding chosen teenagers who are willing to change their lazyness into... » read more

The Beauty and the Beast (La belle & La Bête)

Right now our teammember Mike Möller is working on this Hollywood-Blockbuster... » read more

Intikam - Revenge

In addition to 'Osmanli Kiyam', our team Reel Deal Action is now in charge of... » read more


Our showreel is in process and is coming soon... Stay tuned!! » read more

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We are a group of passionate martial artists and filmmakers. Our goal is to provide a wide approach to action design, utilizing our diverse knowledge and skills to create innovative, safe, and unique action scenes.

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